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PRESS RELEASE: CYDI TV to launch device for viewers to earn money while watching television

Toronto, June 2017 – CYDI TV is proud to announce the launch of beta testing for a new device that will allow viewers to earn money while they watch television. Users will earn up to $8 a month, every month, when using the CYDI TV Device. CYDI TV partners with television networks and broadcasters to provide a better television experience.

The CYDI TV Device plugs into the HDMI port on your television and functions by seamlessly replacing existing commercials with premium commercials that are targeted to specific viewers. With this technology, there are no additional commercials, popups or banner ads. Viewers maintain full control and can change the channel or turn the television off at any time.

Privacy is guaranteed, as user data is never transferred or sold. Advertisers pay a small premium to users to reach targeted audiences. CYDI TV empowers users to leverage their digital data for their own benefit.

Beta Testing

Beta testing will begin later this year. Users interested in joining the free beta testing program are encouraged to visit the CYDI TV website for more information and to sign up. The CYDI TV Device will be made available to American and Canadian homes.


CYDI TV is a Canadian based technology company. Its mission is to allow users to regain control of their digital identity. For more information about the company and technology please visit the website:



Twitter: @CYDITV



Our Purpose

The CYDI TV mission is to allow users to regain Control of their Digital Identity.

As a society, we have come to accept a model where we provide our personal information and data in exchange for services.  We give up our digital information for access to free programs, emails, social networks, searches, maps and streaming.

This is a lucrative arrangement for companies. In fact, companies are no longer valued based on the services they provide or revenue they generate, but based on the metadata they own and collect from their users. It is now a race to collect user data.

Along the way, users have lost control of their digital information – their digital identities. Protected behind unreasonable Terms of Services and enforced by corporate lawyers, companies protect their interest and metadata. Users no longer control their personal information; information that companies now legally own.

In essence, we’ve sold ourselves short.

“If you’re not paying; you’re the product”

But what would happen if we returned the control back to the people? What would happen if we allowed the average person to decide how their digital identities were used? And what if we started with commercials on television? Instead of being a passive component in the advertising business, CYDI TV empowers users to take an active and rewarding position.

CYDI TV allows users to leverage their personal digital information, for real monetary gain. Instead of only enriching companies, individuals can reap the benefits as well. We are committed to returning control to the people – by ensuring that users retain full constitution of their data. Delete your account at any point, and we guarantee full data deletion and data purging. CYDI TV protects users by utilizing a system where we never transfer your data to advertisers. We call it the “CYDI Shield System”.

All CYDI TV users receive a randomized serial number.

When a company advertises on television using CYDI TV technology, they don’t know who they advertise to; they only know that the advertisement was served to the specific demographic they requested. For example, a beer company can request an advertisement to be shown to a specific age demographic, in a specific geographic location – but the beer company will not be told the names of the viewers or any other personal information. Television networks will still sell and control the commercial slots, but the networks and stations will not have access to any CYDI TV data that is user specific.

Advertisers benefit because they can get their message to the exact intended audience, television networks benefit because they can increase revenues and sell better advertising, and CYDI TV users benefit because they now control their digital identities and reap real monetary rewards. Together, we can change who benefits from user data and how it is collected, stored and utilized.

– Colman

Founder, CYDI TV