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what is CYDI TV?

CYDI TV is an add-on device that plugs into the HDMI port of your television. The television signal (set-top box, cable, satellite or antenna) is then connected to the back of the CYDI Device. The average person will earn $8 per month, every month, with the CYDI TV Device. 

The device detects commercials and seamlessly replaces traditional commercials with premium versions that are more relevant to the viewer. Change the channel or turn off the television at any time. Viewers will not notice any difference in their viewing experience: no additional commercials, annoying popups or banner ads. 









The average person will earn $8 every month, while they watch television. No fees or work required












make money as you watch TV

Traditional television advertising methods are extremely inefficient.

Unlike digital advertising (the type of ads used by Google & Facebook), traditional advertising on television works by showing all viewers the same commercial and hoping that some viewers are interested; it’s an outdated and ineffective method. With CYDI TV relevant advertisements are delivered to their exact intended audiences. Advertisers save money with a more efficient system. 

Less wasted ad dollars, increased revenue for TV networks, and money to the viewer. It’s a triple win.

what you need

CYDI TV is simple to use and install. You will need a WiFi connection in your home, a HDMI enabled television, a smart phone (running either Android or iOS) and the CYDI TV Device. Once the device is connected, simply download and install the CYDI app to your phone and follow the setup instructions.


No need to keep the app open when watching television. This screen means your account is being credited.

CYDI app

The login screen: the app works in the background and does not require the user to login every time they watch television. 


This indicates that you need to login, or are too far away from your television (or home WiFi) to register views. 


money to viewers

Viewers can receive $8 a month every month, making television more affordable for the average family and decreasing the burden of television bills


Control Your Digital Identity – your user data belongs to you. CYDI TV will never sell or transfer your data, and unlike other companies, we offer full data and account deletion options for users. Freedom and control over your information

less ads, better content

CYDI TV technology with premium commercials means eventually there will be less ads per hour per viewer. More time for actual content with an improved viewing experience

increase network revenue

Internet advertising technology for the television industry; commercial breaks are more efficient with different demographics viewing different advertisements during a single commercial slot. Zero privacy or regulatory concerns with targeted advertisements on the CYDI TV system

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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the catch?

None. You make money as you watch television.

Can I really make money watching television?

Yes – we project $6 to $8 dollars a month per person.

Will there be an annual subscription or fee?

No. Just the one-time cost of buying the dongle – currently priced at $29.99 US dollars.

What is CYDI TV?

CYDI stands for ‘Control Your Digital Identity’. Our mission is to empower people to own, control, and leverage their digital identities. The CYDI TV device is an add-on device that allows viewers to earn money while they watch television. We partner with television networks to improve the television viewing experience.

How will I get paid?

You will automatically receive a check in the mail every three months. Direct deposits or PayPal payments will be made available shortly.

How much can I make per month?

The average person will earn $6 to $8 dollars per month, every month. This is based on typical television viewing habits. The amount is capped at $8 to discourage fraud, although we are actively working towards increasing this amount.

Will the amount earned per month ever increase in the future?

Yes, it is our intention to increase this amount in the future.

Can I leave the television on all day and make money?

The amount you can is earn is capped at $8 per month to discourage this type of fraud. The system is designed to detect this type of fraudulent activity.

What do I need?

You will need WiFi and a smartphone of some sort (Android or iOS) for the app. The commercials are loaded via WiFi to the CYDI device, so please keep that in mind for data usage. You will need to create a CYDI TV account as well (and provide an address where you would like the checks to be sent).

Where and when will this be available?

The United States, followed soon after in Canada. We plan to ship devices by the end of 2017, early 2018.

How will the technology know and verify that I am watching television?

The technology works by comparing WiFi networks. The CYDI TV device is registered to your home WiFi network. The smartphone you own, with the CYDI TV app installed, recognizes when you are on that same WiFi network. Only when the networks and addresses match, will the device register earnings and verify impressions.

Can multiple people in the same household use a single CYDI TV Device?

Multiple people in a single household can use a single device; but not simultaneously to duplicate earnings. Right now only one user at a time will get credit. We are working on having multiple people earn credit while watching television together.

Do I need a cable or satellite subscription?

No, our technology will work with those using free over-the-air antennas as well.

Why do I want to watch ads?

No one likes ads. But they’re not going anywhere anytime soon – so you might as well make some money while you watch television.

Will CYDI TV sell or transfer my information?

We will never sell, or directly transfer your personal data or information to television networks, advertisers, broadcasters, or another company/organization/person. We utilize secure methods that won’t compromise user data or information.

What happens to my data?

CYDI TV guarantees complete deletion and purging of all user data upon account deletion. Our mission is to empower people to own, control, and leverage their digital identities. We will never sell or keep your data.

Advertiser and Broadcaster Specific Questions

Is this legal?

Yes, the system is 100% compliant with federal and local privacy regulations. Current targeted and addressable advertising efforts in the industry are limited due to privacy concerns. CYDI TV users agree to the Terms of Service, thereby removing privacy concerns for advertisers. CYDI TV partners with the television industry to determine the appropriate amount of commercials to replace.

How will this system benefit the networks?

CYDI TV partners with the television industry. We project a significant increase in revenue for television networks that leverage CYDI TV technology for targeted advertising. With CYDI TV technology multiple commercials are broadcast simultaneously to different audiences, during a single time slot, thereby multiplying the revenue potential of the networks. This form of advertising is more effective for advertisers, and thus carries a small premium over traditional advertising.

How will this system benefit advertisers?

Specific advertising for specific audiences with verified impressions and detailed analytics. Know exactly when audiences turn the channel away from your commercial. Less waste (with less commercials reaching non-targeted audiences) and more efficient media buys. Intelligent digital advertising for one of the best mediums – television.

Who can advertise?

Flexible media-buys means the platform will be more inclusive for businesses of all sizes. Media-buys will only be limited to the size of the targeted audience. Reach 100 viewers or 100 million. Businesses small and large will be able to advertise on television using this platform.

Why is this important for the industry?

There is a trend towards cord-cutting and cord-nevers. Evolving forms of broadcast and entertainment consumption models are changing the industry. Targeted advertisements have become the expected norm in marketing. CYDI TV provides a clear and concise method to effectively deliver targeted advertisements to viewers across a variety of television types and network technologies.

Why CYDI TV is the superior platform

CYDI TV delivers targeted advertisements to viewers irrespective of end user set-top box technology or signal delivery preference (cable, satellite, or antenna). The CYDI TV platform is 100% privacy compliant and financial models project significant revenue growth for networks and broadcasters. Zero research and development required and minimal infrastructure implementation costs for the industry: CYDI TV users purchased their own hardware.

What parameters are available for targeted advertisements?

Standard parameters include: location, age, gender, email, viewing times, and during specific shows. These parameters can be used for inclusionary and exclusionary purposes.

Will external data parameters be permitted?

Yes – third party analytics and data is encouraged and can be used to supplement the targeting of advertisements. For example a company can cross-reference their internal newsletter email list to target those specific viewers.

How do we advertise on the CYDI TV platform?

Inquiries regarding advertising should continue to be made with the television networks and broadcasters. CYDI TV simply delivers the digital advertisements to consumers. The networks remain in full control of the content and advertising.

How far along is the technology?

We are raising funds on Indiegogo for our first production run.

Will CYDI TV sell ads directly?

No – CYDI TV simply delivers the targeted advertisements to the intended audiences and verifies the impressions. Television and broadcast networks continue to determine media-buys.

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